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BOTOX® Cosmetic Results

Frown lines can be bothersome and make you look older. You need a treatment that can help get rid of these unwanted and unsightly frown lines. BOTOX Cosmetic injections can do just that. In ten quick minutes, you can start your way to having smoother and younger looking skin.

At Bella MD, all of our BOTOX procedures are performed by our dedicated physician, a doctor who specializes in aesthetic medicine. Our doctor has been giving the treatments for many years, so he/she can provide the safest possible experience and has the expertise to ensure you look younger and healthier — and not like you've had work done.

However, you may be skeptical of what the results will actually look like. How would you know if the treatments are actually having an effect?

We have provided you with a few quick glimpses as to what you may expect from the treatments after 120 days, 14 days and after one week.

Botox Treatment Before & After

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