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Summer Long Treatments

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Who said you need to skip treatments in the summer?? There are plenty of things that are “sun safe” and can be done all year long!!! A few of those are Ultherapy and Laser Genesis.

Ultherapy Brow Lift

Ultherapy is the perfect treatment for summer since it doesn't cause any photosensitivity. Ultherapy can be done all over the face, neck, chest and body to lift and firm, but an easy "summer fix" is to treat just the brow and around the eyes for a quick lift and opening of the eye area. Bright, youthful eyes are always great for summer!

Laser Genesis Face and Neck-Genesis

A great for all skin types and something you can do all year round! Laser Genesis creates collagen, improves texture and evens out blotchiness…all with no downtime! Laser Genesis is also a great way to lighten melasma!

AFTER THE SUMMER Come in for a Forever Young BBL treatment and get rid of unwanted damage while at the same time stimulating collagen deep below the surface of the skin!!!!

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