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Spider Vein Therapy

Spider Veins & Laser Therapy from Bella MDSclerotherapy is a common, safe treatment for spider veins available to our Bella MD patients. In this procedure, we inject a liquid chemical into the vein. The vein walls swell, stick together and seal shut, stopping the blood flow and turning the vein into scar tissueover time the vein closes and it is eventually absorbed into your body.

Sclerotherapy requires no anesthesia or downtime, and you will just need to wear a compression stocking for a few days post treatment to speed healing and reduce swelling.

Some veins may disappear after one to two treatments, while others may require three to four spaced four to six weeks apart. The treatments typically take less than 30 minutes and are virtually painless. All spider vein therapy procedures are performed by Amy Rodgers, RN.

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Vein Therapy


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