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Having wrinkles around your face can make you feel self-concious and feeling older than you truly are. You need a way to rid yourself of unwanted skin wrinkles so your outer appearance can reflect how you feel on the inside, young and full of life.

The answer is JUVÉDERM XC, a nonsurgical gel filler wrinkle treatment that can be injected into areas around your mouth and nose to smooth away wrinkles and give you natural-looking results that last up to a year with just one treatment.

However, you may be skeptical of what the results will actually look like. How would you know if the treatments are actually having an effect?

We have provided you with a few quick glimpses as to what you may expect from the treatments after a two week period.

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Juvederm XC Wrinkle Removal Results from Bella MD Juvederm XC Wrinkle Removal Results from Bella MDJuvederm XC Wrinkle Removal Results from Bella MD

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