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Parentheses have a place (but not on your face!)

Check out what three women have to say about their experience with JUVÉDERM:


After I got my JUVÉDERM treatment, my friends were like 'Wow, you look really refreshed!' Now I look in my mirror and think to myself, 'I look good!'



I had noticed my lines before, cause I was putting a little highlighter on it, a little concealer. I'm a southern girl, we like our makeup, so I'd be like 'Ok, just put a little…' I don't do any of that now. I wake up in the morning and I have a fresh face. I feel good about the way I look.



I think it's only noticeable in a good way, it doesn't look like something about my face is different, it's just like my overall appearance seems to be refreshed.

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