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BOTOX® Cosmetic Safety

More than 11 million BOTOX® Cosmetic procedures have been administered in the U.S. since 2002, and 92 percent of 303 patients in a 2010 survey were satisfied with the results of their BOTOX Cosmetic experience. But BOTOX Cosmetic can also cause life-threatening side effects that you should know about.

Be sure to read the Medication Guide that comes with BOTOX or BOTOX Cosmetic before you start using it and each time it is given to you, since it may be updated with important new information. Talk with your doctor about your medical condition or treatment. And share this information with your family members and caregivers. You can also find more information on the safety section of the BOTOX Cosmetic website.

At Bella MD, all of our injections are performed by Dr. Kiran Robertson, an MD who specializes in aesthetic medicine, to ensure the highest level of safety and best results for our patients. But BOTOX Cosmetic, like any medical procedure, does involve risks, so we encourage all of our patients to do their research and make an informed decision before undergoing treatment.

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