Ultherapy vs. Sculptra: Which Is Right for Me?

We get this question many times: should I do Ultherapy or Sculptra? We have a lot of experience performing both treatments to patients in Dallas and University Park and can help guide you to the right treatment – and possibly both depending on how you want to look.


HydraFacial Aesthetic Technology Treatments for Skin Health from Bella MDUltherapy is summer-friendly. We can do treatments all summer long without any and it does not cause your skin to be overly sensitive to the sun.

The ideal candidates for Ultherapy treatments are women with lax skin. Ultherapy patients see results faster on the neck than on the face than with other procedures. Treatments can also focus first on problem areas like the neck, under the chin or around the eyes, with follow-up treatments for other areas of the face so you can do some now, some later or some not at all.

The Bella MD Ultherapy protocol is different from other med spas that recommend taking anti-anxiety or pain medication before treatment. We've found that this doesn't work very well. Our patients can take meds but also have the option of our performing a lidocaine block on the area being treated for no extra charge. If treating multiple areas, we apply the lido-block in two stages: for example, we'll block the face, then treat it, block the neck, then treat it, so that patient comfort is maximized. Our patients can easily drive home afterward, pain-free.

While Ultherapy offers the best lifting and tightening of any skin rejuvenation device we've ever experienced in our many years, it's not for someone who's lost volume. It's the difference between bone density vs. fat.


Sculptra Poly-L-Lactic Acid Injectables from Bella MDThe ideal candidates for Sculptra are middle-aged women (50-60) who've lost volume in their face. If you feel gaunt, lacking skin and want some more fullness, Sculptra is an excellent treatment.

Best of all: it doesn't hurt, even though it's laid down deeper than Ultherapy. Several Bella MD staff members have had Sculptra done on them, and it was remarkably comfortable, largely because our doctor who performs the treatments, Dr. Kiran Robertson, is so good at it. Many of our patients close their eyes, and can't believe it was done afterwards.

Not Sure?

Let our experience with both Ultherapy and Sculptra be your guide. Come in for a consultation and we can discuss the pros and cons of each treatment and determine which one is right for you. There have been instances when both make sense, though not all at once, so let us create a beauty plan for you.

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