CoolSculpting: How Non-Pinchable Fat Areas Can Now Be Reduced

Women have been asking us if CoolSculpting can remove fat from "non-pinchable fat areas" like the outer thigh area for women and the abdomen for men – areas that have been difficult to address effectively before. Well, not any more...

Where CoolSculpting Had Not Gone Before...

Zeltiq, the manufacturer of CoolSculpting equipment, has introduced a new handpiece that allows us to remove fat from these areas without bruising so the majority of your body can now be treated effectively, and without dimpling or puckering.

The Ideal CoolSculpting Candidate

CoolSculpting isn't "lose weight fast" shortcut. Instead, the ideal candidates for CoolSculpting are those that work out, watch their diet (though not to a perfect degree) and just can't get rid of that last inch. They do everything else right in their life, and are sometimes are in incredibly good shape, but don't want the pain scarring and cost of something more invasive like liposuction. If this sounds like you, contact us to make an appointment today.

Men, Too

We also treat men with CoolSculpting that might need help to lose those stubborn love handles or belly fat.

Caveat Emptor

It's important to have a trained healthcare practitioner perform your CoolSculpting treatment. Few people consider puckering a risk of CoolSculpting, but we always inform our patients of the risks. Unfortunately, there are a lot of offices in Dallas doing "off-label" treatments, which can cause some adverse results in people. CoolSculpting practitioners have to be very careful of where and when to put it on, and you can definitely get some adverse results – though they can be corrected if resolved quickly.

Bella MD CoolSculpting treatments involve a nurse and an aesthetician who are supervised by licensed physicians in our office. In this way, we are compliant with Texas Rule 193.7 and results in the best outcomes for our clients.

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